Second Try….

My 2019 resolution to write about goals/challenges/etc went off with a massive thud. I did an okay job journaling last year, but an awful job with monthly challenges. Goal setting went well. I hit a lot of my 2019 goals and have my 2020 goals in place (which I’ll share later.)

Last week, I put together goals to accomplish during the COVID-19 crisis. It’s difficult to stay focused with such disruption in our lives and business, so I felt that a guide to follow would be helpful. The goal set is somewhat of a living document, and many are more of “ongoing tasks” than actual goals, but here’s the current list:

COVID-19 Goals

Business Goals

  • Dedicated workspace and “clock in” every morning at 9am
  • Every morning, first put together your daily task list
  • Continue to support all agents
  • Monday morning virtual meetings
  • Complete website redesign
  • Set up a/b tests for all landing pages – bounce rate is the initial goal to monitor. Compare bounce w/ page load.
  • Projects for every employee
  • Monitor advertising
  • New conversion tools implemented w/ a/b tests
  • Improve spec spreadsheet w/ Mason
  • Monitor TFY build
  • Work on Callrail live call transfer
  • Audit close out process and build out weekly process (rather than rely on TFY tasks)


  • Outdoor activity with Beck for 1 hour/day
  • 2+ hours exercise per day
  • Blog 3x week
  • 100% Myfitnesspal log
  • 2 pounds/week loss until target of 150lbs is met (12 lbs loss)
  • Every other day, one “big” fitness goal – hike w/ weights, ride bike 15+ miles, etc…
  • Pushup challenge (100/day)
  • Hike every trail here:
  • Learn at least one skill here:

Monthly Challenge(s) – January 2019

We’re back from our ~2 week mountain trip and it was excellent! Beck skied 4 days this year and really took to it. I took him to the top of the ski lift and he was able to get down on his own, only falling a couple of times, and in control the entire time!

Now that I’m back, it’s time to dive back into work and health. I’m moving forward with the diet challenge for the month, but I’ve added a second challenge b/c I’m motivated to do it and I think it’s important: Journaling.

I’ve dabbled with journaling over the years and have never stuck with it for more than a few days. I think I’m disciplined enough now that I can consistently do it. My goal in journaling is to improve my memory recall and to be more mindful about life. I feel like my memory has gotten worse as I’ve aged. Journaling is supposedly a good way to sharpen your memory. I also feel like it’s a nice way to reflect on your day.

I started this morning with a journal entry for 1/6. I will write my journal entries at the end of the day or the beginning of the next. I’m using Google Docs/Drive and a really simple template I came up with. The template is intended to jog my memory as I write.


Part II of my monthly challenge is a stricter and improved diet. I’ve had good success with intermittent fasting, but I feel like I’ve restricted my caloric intake too much. When I had my body fat tested, my muscle mass was much lower than I expected, so I believe I’ve lost a good chunk of muscle in the process. (Unfortunately, I don’t have a baseline prior to the end of Dec 2018.) Here is the diet I’ll follow for January. My weight is currently 171.5 (Jan 7 morning weigh-in) and I’ve been losing roughly 1.5 lbs per month for the past 6 months.

January Diet Challenge

This won’t be perfect b/c we get back to Austin on January 6th from our family ski trip and I’m on a guy’s ski trip over MLK weekend. The two ski trips are “off” with regards to the strict diet, but fasting is “on” during these trips.


  • Jan 7 (Monday) morning weigh-in is the benchmark. Feb 4 morning weigh-in is the end result.
  • Caffeine is allowed, but no coffee or diet soda. (Low key ice tea addiction is surviving this month’s challenge.)
  • Everything goes into MyFitnessPal, no exceptions (plug-in ski trip fubars.)
  • Each Monday morning weigh-in is your weight for the week.


  • Sun – Breakfast egg white taco X 1 / high protein lunch <400 cal / <200 cal snack / <600 cal dinner
  • Mon – Fast to 5pm / <200 cal snack / <800 cal dinner
  • Tues – 4X egg whites breakfast / high protein lunch <400 cal / <200 cal snack / <600 cal dinner
  • Wed – Fast to 5pm / <200 cal snack / <800 cal dinner
  • Thurs – 4X egg whites breakfast / high protein lunch <400 cal / <200 cal snack / <600 cal dinner
  • Fri – 4X egg whites breakfast / high protein lunch <400 cal / <800 cal dinner – 3x drinks allowed at dinner
  • Sat – Breakfast egg white taco X 1 / high protein lunch <400 cal / <600 cal dinner – no alcohol limitation

*Sat/Sun 1X breakfast taco can be subbed to 2X breakfast taco with lunch skip
*4X egg whites might get old/gross. If that happens, look at fruit/protein smoothie.


2019 Resolution: Blogging & Challenges

I’ve always been a goal oriented person, but my goals have been relatively sub-conscious until recently. The first deliberate goal I set was a few years ago and revolved entirely around business revenue. Last year, a friend encouraged me to set much more explicit goals for both life and business, which I did, and was massively happy to have done. Another friend/couple successfully completed monthly challenges in 2018. The better/best challenges morphed into permanent changes and I  know they’d tell you they’re much better for them.

Alex Honnold discusses living a deliberate life in an REI podcast that’s worth a listen. I don’t know if he sets goals for anything other than climbing, but his climbing goals are very explicit and he tracks his progress perfectly. (In fairness, I’m not sure if he has any other goals than climbing.) I love the idea of living a deliberate life and it seems that goal setting & tracking are a big part of that.

My 2019 resolution is to set monthly challenges and to blog about these challenges. The monthly challenges are a logical extension of goal setting. Blogging is fun and creates accountability.