Agent's Career Path of Success -

Agent’s Career Path of Success

I wrote “An Agent’s Career Path of Success” over the weekend in our company culture docs and received enough positive feedback that I thought I’d share it publicly. Our company has a really robust set of documentation and I started writing Culture Docs last year as I would think of how to solve problems at a high level. These culture docs were the beginning of what became our ~100 slide Culture Code deck.

I wrote the “career path of success” to try and answer a common question I get from our successful agents: “What’s next?” Most people are happiest when they have opportunity to advance. When agents are new, they just want to sell enough homes to be secure. After agents become secure in their business and move beyond that security to a level of success, they naturally wonder “What comes next?”

An Agent’s Career Path of Success
While there are many career paths to success, this is a proven path to success that is filled with success. When agents begin in the business, it’s very scary but exciting. As agents find success, they naturally question “What’s next?” This is a proven career path that you can look forward to. Bear in mind that moving to the next phase is your choice. If you don’t want to manage people, an assistant & team is not necessary for your success. Many agents are much happier without management headaches. Each phase listed here is a profitable level of success and no phase is “more successful” than the previous (with exception, perhaps, of “new agent”.) Do what makes you happy. 🙂

New Buyer’s Agent – Establish Your Business

  • Goal: Hustle
  • You have plentiful time and you need to fill your pipeline.
  • Meet as many potential buyers in real life as possible. Set appointments.
  • Work a very broad geographic area.
  • Begin to build your SOI as you close transactions.
  • Career Transaction Goal: 25
  • SOI Transaction Goal: +20%

Experienced Buyer’s Agent – Build Efficiencies & Learn Processes

  • Goal: Work Smarter
  • Learn to time block & set reasonable boundaries.
  • Implement proven processes and systems.
  • Pre-qualify buyers prior to meeting them.
  • Begin to refine your geographic service area.
  • Learn the listing presentation & process.
  • Continue to build your SOI and close more referral transactions.
  • Career Transaction Goal: 50+
  • SOI Transaction Goal: +50%

Learn to List – Become a Great Listing Agent

  • Goal: Close More Seller Transactions
  • Go to as many listing appointments as possible.
  • Take any listing in order to learn and perfect the process.
  • Continue to work qualified buyers in your geographic service area.
  • Continue to build your SOI and close more referral transactions.
  • Career Seller Transaction Goal: 50
  • SOI Transaction Goal: +75%

Leverage Others & Systems – Hire an Assistant or Virtual Assistant

  • Goals: Earn Your Time Back
  • Identify the “$15/hour” tasks you need to offload.
  • Build a schedule for your assistant.
  • Identify systems that you will use to manage your assistant.
  • Interview many applicants.
  • Hire slow, fire fast.
  • Continue to build your SOI and close more referral transactions.

Grow Beyond Yourself – Build a Team

  • Goals: Refine Your Market & Leverage Your SOI
  • Identify the buyer transactions that you should offload.
  • Give yourself time back with minimal revenue loss.
  • Establish expectations for a buyer’s agent.
  • Interview many applicants.
  • Hire slow, fire fast.
  • Start with one buyer’s agent and make sure that agent is successful before considering hiring a second.
  • Continue to build your SOI and close more referral transactions with your team.

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