You Can’t Out Train a Bad Diet Pt II -

You Can’t Out Train a Bad Diet Pt II

Two weeks ago, I hiked 60 miles, ate/drank whatever I felt like, and gained 1/2 lb. Last week, I hiked 48 miles & journaled (most) all of my meals, but didn’t shoot for a caloric deficit, only relying on the fact that journaling does make me more conscious about my diet. I weighed 163.3 at the start of the week and finished at 162.2 lbs. This week, I’m going to target <1500 calories/day. I’ll continue to hike and do bodyweight exercises but will worry more about diet than exercise.

I know what will happen, if I’m disciplined. When I watch my diet and exercise moderately, I can lose ~2 lbs per week. Drinking alcohol generally sets me way back b/c the loose inhibitions that come with alcohol usually mean a busted day of counting calories, along w/ the empty alcohol calories. So, the key to success will be minimal alcohol along with a disciplined diet.

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