Blogging Challenge Recap -

Blogging Challenge Recap

My April challenge was to write 3 blog posts per week and share them on social media. Per my original post, I tried 30 day challenges last year and fizzled out on month #1 b/c I tried to bite off more than I should have.

How did I do? I wrote 12 total posts (including this one.) I missed “3 posts per week” on one week.

How did it go? I really enjoyed it. I like to write quite a bit and this forced me to think of new topics to write about.

What did I gain? This encouraged me to write a weekly newsletter, which has been well received. We repurposed those newsletters into COVID-19 specific content on the website that’s also well received and has converted leads. I put together a new piece “An Agent’s Path of Success” that I’m excited to wireframe and turn into an evergreen informational piece. All in all, I think this was a really successful challenge.

Any downsidesNot that I could see. This was a great challenge.

Will I keep it or toss it? I’m going to commit to writing no less than one blog post per week and sharing it on social media.

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