May Challenge - Journaling -

May Challenge – Journaling

I’m trying a journaling challenge again and I’m committed to making it all the way through May. This time, I’m committing to journaling 5x per week (rather than every day, which is what I tried last year.) There are tons of benefits to journaling: It helps you be more reflective, it helps you be accountable to goals, and it improves memory.

Human memory is one of the deficiencies in life that makes me really angry and depressed. Life is generally amazing and most people’s brains aren’t capable of recalling all of those amazing things. This is why it’s so much fun to talk with friends – collectively, you can remember more, and it’s awesome to talk about those memories. I’m very hopeful that we’ll see technology in our lifetime that improves memory. Neuralink is a really exciting company.

I put together a template for journaling. Here’s the template and my journal entry #1 for May:

Date: May 1, 2020

Weight: 161

Diet: ~2000 calories (drank too much)

Sleep: 8+ hours

Fitness/Adventure: Walked/hiked ~4 miles

Work: Good work day yesterday. Wrote a newsletter, engaged w/ 2 marketing vendors. Feel like I have a good direction on how to improve things for the next 2-3 months.

Family: Awesome afternoon with Beck. I was holed up in the office for the entire day and didn’t see him until ~5pm. We went to “soccer practice” at 5 and he was just great. He had an awesome attitude and did great. Ali & I had separate zoom happy hours w/ friends but were able to talk and enjoy each other around that.

General: Ridiculously excited that the mountain is likely to open up today. The owner is hilarious in that he’s fighting super hard to open up in order to lose money. That guy lives to ski. Waiting on the governor to approve/disapprove the plan to open and I’m very hopeful that he opens.

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