You Can't Out Train a Bad Diet -

You Can’t Out Train a Bad Diet

I did a mini-challenge last week. I challenged the conventional wisdom that “You can’t out train a bad diet.” It took me ~30 years or so to actually believe that, but it still seems like you could work out enough that you can eat/drink whatever you want.
At the beginning of last week, I weighed in at 162.8 pounds. I hiked a little over 60 miles last week. I ate and drank whatever I wanted and didn’t record anything in MyFitnessPal. I weighed in yesterday morning at 163.3 lbs. 60 miles hiking. I gained a 1/2 pound. (Not huge, but extrapolate this to a lifestyle, and it’s no bueno.)
So, I weighed in yesterday at 163.3. I’m going to be as perfect as possible w/ MyFitnessPal journaling and I’m going to continue hiking and doing body weigh exercises. I’m not setting any goals for caloric deficit, but MFP always makes me eat better. I’ll post the weigh in results next Monday.

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