Second Try.... -

Second Try….

My 2019 resolution to write about goals/challenges/etc went off with a massive thud. I did an okay job journaling last year, but an awful job with monthly challenges. Goal setting went well. I hit a lot of my 2019 goals and have my 2020 goals in place (which I’ll share later.)

Last week, I put together goals to accomplish during the COVID-19 crisis. It’s difficult to stay focused with such disruption in our lives and business, so I felt that a guide to follow would be helpful. The goal set is somewhat of a living document, and many are more of “ongoing tasks” than actual goals, but here’s the current list:

COVID-19 Goals

Business Goals

  • Dedicated workspace and “clock in” every morning at 9am
  • Every morning, first put together your daily task list
  • Continue to support all agents
  • Monday morning virtual meetings
  • Complete website redesign
  • Set up a/b tests for all landing pages – bounce rate is the initial goal to monitor. Compare bounce w/ page load.
  • Projects for every employee
  • Monitor advertising
  • New conversion tools implemented w/ a/b tests
  • Improve spec spreadsheet w/ Mason
  • Monitor TFY build
  • Work on Callrail live call transfer
  • Audit close out process and build out weekly process (rather than rely on TFY tasks)


  • Outdoor activity with Beck for 1 hour/day
  • 2+ hours exercise per day
  • Blog 3x week
  • 100% Myfitnesspal log
  • 2 pounds/week loss until target of 150lbs is met (12 lbs loss)
  • Every other day, one “big” fitness goal – hike w/ weights, ride bike 15+ miles, etc…
  • Pushup challenge (100/day)
  • Hike every trail here:
  • Learn at least one skill here:

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