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2019 Resolution: Blogging & Challenges

I’ve always been a goal oriented person, but my goals have been relatively sub-conscious until recently. The first deliberate goal I set was a few years ago and revolved entirely around business revenue. Last year, a friend encouraged me to set much more explicit goals for both life and business, which I did, and was massively happy to have done. Another friend/couple successfully completed monthly challenges in 2018. The better/best challenges morphed into permanent changes and I  know they’d tell you they’re much better for them.

Alex Honnold discusses living a deliberate life in an REI podcast that’s worth a listen. I don’t know if he sets goals for anything other than climbing, but his climbing goals are very explicit and he tracks his progress perfectly. (In fairness, I’m not sure if he has any other goals than climbing.) I love the idea of living a deliberate life and it seems that goal setting & tracking are a big part of that.

My 2019 resolution is to set monthly challenges and to blog about these challenges. The monthly challenges are a logical extension of goal setting. Blogging is fun and creates accountability.

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